Our vision is that all people realize the full power of music to elevate wellness. The power of the voice is re-claimed, and people participate with music using their voice to cultivate wellness as a familiar, common and accessible practice. The perception of singing as performance requiring skill has expanded to include vocalizing with healing tones ~ a natural ability, requiring no special skill(s).

In addition to people participating with music to enhance their personal well-being, healthcare providers integrate vocalizing with healing tones into treatment protocols resulting in improved medical outcomes.


We are a visionary organization that produces music with which people participate, regardless of their musical abilities, to improve and maintain wellness. We educate individuals, groups, teachers and healthcare providers, enabling them to integrate vocalizing with healing tones into their practices.  We serve as a resource, through our music, to enhance the well-being of individuals, our community, our world.


We began pilot testing the music as complementary medicine, under the supervision of Chris Marasco, M.D. in 2009. In the words of one of his patients:

“Thank you for getting me a copy of the CD when I saw you last week. I just wanted to tell you that I think you have a “WINNER” here; not only with the concept but also with the music.”

“It is a great way for me to be less absorbed in the daily grind when I am listening to this CD. I am taking it with me today to chemo to further visualize my healing process and to use the healing tones as another option for my well being.”

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  • Instructions for Participating with Voice of Life (PDF)

    Listen for the easily accessible "home tone".
    Feel the rhythm.
    Join the music with your voice.
    Participate with healing tones.

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