Instructions for Participating with “Voice of Life”

The Primary Invitation:
Step 1. Listen for the easily accessible “home tone”. It is audibly established at the
song’s opening note. This tone is consistent and steady throughout the entire track.
No matter where the track is started playing from, the “home tone” is always obvious
and clear.

Step 2. Feel the rhythm. Allow yourself to respond to the rhythm. Notice if you feel the
music in your body. Perhaps you are feeling the music in a specific place in your body.
Let in the physicality of the pulsation and beat of the music. We are often inclined to
sway, flow and move with the rhythm.

Step 3. Join the music with your voice. After taking in the music during Steps 1 & 2,
continue feeling the music and connect with your own voice. Without pondering or
thinking about what to do, make an initial sound with your voice… a yawn, a groan, a
hum, a sigh… it doesn’t matter. All sounds are equally fine and valid. What matters
now is that your voice joins in with the music.

Step 4. Participate with healing tones. Bring your attention back to the “home tone”
identified in Step 1. Let your voice find that tone and vocalize with a sustained sound.
In our experience, it often feels good to stay on either an “Ah” or an “Oh” vowel
sound. Resonate with that note with your voice while letting go of any judgments or
evaluations that arise about how well you’re doing… You are succeeding by actively

This is not performance. No skill is required. The vibration of your voice as it
resonates is utterly healing.

and…. Breathe naturally. When you run out of breath, take a nice inhale, then on the
exhale, allow your voice and attention to connect and resonate once again with the
“home tone”… again feeling free to vocalize “Ah,” “Oh,” or any vowel that feels good.
We find that going from one vowel to another while holding the note sometimes feels
good as well.

Note — you might be able to find the “home tone” note with your voice in more than one octave
register [i.e. high C, middle C, low C]. If this is the case, choose whichever range is most
comfortable. Feel free to try various registers to find which is most comfortable to you.
Sometimes we alternate from one to another throughout the track.

Primary Invitation for Alternate Tone (* include only when present in track)
Some tracks in “Voice for Life” provide an alternate tone for vocalization. You may find that
this alternate tone fits more organically to your voice… allow your voice to be charmed to go
where it naturally flows. Even when the “home tone” feels comfortable, we sometimes alternate
between the “home tone” and the “alternate tone.”

The Second Invitation:
In addition to the primary invitation, most tracks include a secondary way to participate with
the music of “Voice of Life”. In these tracks there is a theme that develops, containing a short
melody with words or vocals. [For example, in the Beatles' song “Hey Jude”, the theme “naa–
naa– naa– na-na-na-na” is repeated.] In “Voice of Life” the thematic phrase is established early
on in the song and then develops throughout. Variations on the phrase often occur later in the
song, sounding like an evolution of the basic motif.

Step 1. Identify the theme. Listen for the thematic melody or phrase that is repeated in the
song. As you become more familiar with the track, a recognizable pattern in the music
will emerge.

Step 2. Add your Voice to this phrase, joining in with the vocals in the track.

Step 3. Rinse and repeat. Another way of saying to go with the flow on the journey of
participating with healing tones.

The Third Invitation
For musical people (both the people who know they’re musical; or those who don’t know they’re
musical; and those who don’t think they’re musical; and pretty much everyone else):

Step 1. (and the only step) Improvise as inspired.
Let the sound sweep you fully into the journey, set your voice free and enjoy the magic
of surrendering to the energetic source. It is mystical, but an experience described by
myriad authors, philosophers and seekers ~ a confirmation indeed.

Let it in. The music is calling you… Enjoy!

           

“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe”
Hazrat Inayat Khan

“Music… gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination… and life to everything.”

“The power of music to integrate and cure… is quite fundamental. It is the profoundest nonchemical
Oliver Sacks

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are
all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”
Billy Joel

“If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.”
Zimbabwe Proverb