Getting Started – Warming Up the Voice

How do you care and expand for your voice? Suzanne shares the most important thing is to warm it up and cool it down. The more we can take the “effort” into the core – the more freedom our vocal chords will have. The experience of expression will be very different for you and the listener. We don’t want to force the sound to move out into the world.

Use Your Voice! – Putting It All Together

Suzanne Sterling shares a simple practice called a “frequency sweep” to help you pull all the parts of your voice together. Her amazing series on BHD teaches us all of the different parts of our voice and how to find authentic expression by using the different elements of our range.

Programming the Mind With Sound

Did you know that you can “prescribe” certain states of consciousness using sound? In this video, Suzanne Sterling shares that through the use of rhythm and specific frequencies we can all vibrate together. Couple this with yoga, dance and meditation we can experience union and oneness that is measurable and scientific.